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Karen Fitting, Foresee Consulting Training

ORACLE PRIMAVERA UNIFIER TRAINING The best products accomplish nothing if the users do not use them, understand how to use them or know what their true benefits are. For us, quality Oracle Primavera Unifier Training is about more than simply going through the motions; it is about self-sufficiency and user adoption. It is about giving clients the confidence that a well-designed project management information system will empower them to do more with less. Our globally renowned instructors have been training users on Unifier since the software’s inception and possess more Unifier knowledge and experience than any other Oracle Primavera partner.

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About this course

Unifier Auto Creation (S-Step & I-Step)

This course teaches the skills necessary for the auto creation of BPs.  We will build auto creation using uDesigner, configure with BP Setup and then see how the user experience is impacted.  This course is built in Unifier v17 however the steps remain the same as of January, 2020.

This is a video on-demand course.  You can watch the videos at any time, from any device.  Download the training guide and call to action to practice in your development environment.


Unifier Administrators who are very comfortable with their implementation and basic Unifier administration including Fundamentals of uDesigner and Fundamentals of Administration.

Course Objectives

  • Understand and build S-Step auto creation.
  • Understand and build I-Step auto creation.

Course Topics

  • Auto Creation – Overview.
  • S-Step Auto Creation.
  • Business process setup for S-Step.
  • I-Step Auto Creation.